THERO symbolizes the precious and sacred essence of our digital privacy. Its geometric and clean shape, reminiscent of a talisman, goes beyond mere material qualities; it encapsulates the intrinsic value of the right to digital privacy. This piece creates a space for reflection, prompting the user to be mindful of when their information travels as part of data traffic.

This heavy sculpture houses a device that can block and/or encrypt our digital communications through direct interaction between the user and the object. With a twist in its structure, THERO adeptly manages our digital interactions with the outside world, making us physically and tangibly aware of how we utilize the network. We can choose invisibility, operating without an obvious connection, in situations where privacy and anonymity are essential.

THERO is the Project winner of the research grant NEXT THINGS 2016 from LABoral art and industrial creation center and Telefónica I+D.

Next Things, Next Starts. LABoral, Gijón/Xixón, Spain.
From 15.12.17 to 18.3.18

All Changes Saved. Casal Solleric, Palma, Spain.

From 21.8.18 to 6.1.19

Fast Co.Design
Digital Trends

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Design, hardware, software & production: Román Torre & Ángeles Angulo

Special thanks to: Ramón Sanguesa, Pau Waelder, Paloma G.Díaz

Rotor Studio

1. Mode of use
This piece serves as an access point to which we can connect all our devices, either directly through a cable connection or wirelessly as an extension of the network. Any data flow passing through it can be manually controlled by the user with a simple rotating action of our hand on the lid of the object, much like turning a faucet.
2. There are four levels of privacy:
0. Access point with some security options (check and alert for newly
1. connected devices, etc.). Access point with Tor relay (encrypted traffic).
2. Hotspot without social distractions (block specific websites).
3. Blackout. Only local browsing is allowed, with an internal web server for project information, bibliography, and device configuration.
A blueprint with all the information and access to the main designs was provided to the public.

Talk about THERO project at Hangar, Barcelona
THERO display at ICT – S+T+ARTS, Sofía, Bulgary
THERO display on ICT – S+T+ARTS Viena , Austria.