No Human in the Loop is the title of the solo exhibition at the Room -1, CAB – Center of Art Caja de Burgos.

The exhibition proposal consists of six installations that, from various perspectives, address contemporary themes and explore our position and limitations when confronting the challenges we, as a species, face.

Some keywords, from which the pieces emerge, such as #time, #climate, #memory, #nature, #artificialintelligence, #energy, and #progress, guide us through these themes that directly involve us, introducing a certain level of uncertainty and contradiction. This exploration occurs in a world where machines and human actions interact, shaping a more desirable future

From 06.10.23 to 28.01.24

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Currently on exhibition

Concept / production / Design / Coding : Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo
Curator: Javier del Campo
Thanks to LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

1. Deep Time | A series of 4 kinetic sculptures made from lightweight concrete, acrylic, and electronic components on pedestals. Includes microscopes, software, and an audiovisual installation.
2. Frozen Time | Recreation of a time capsule crafted from lightweight concrete, acrylic, and steel. It features an audiovisual projection of a performance complemented by a vinyl record containing diverse data that encapsulates the essence of our contemporary era.
3. Artificial | Light installation using AI, complete with an artificial voice, screen, and software.
4. HITL | Vinyl with advertising text for an autonomous robotic tank that utilizes AI
Original article from which the quote printed on vinyl on the wall comes from.

Don’t be Elon | Installation featuring various objects, including a large iron sculpture, a bicycle, water containers, trays, an aluminum structure, acrylic, and stainless steel. It also includes 3 photographic prints on canvas.
6. Climate JukeBox | Speculative object that performs a representation of various weather phenomena inside. Like a «music jukebox,» the visitor’s interaction through their presence influences the weather events. The piece is made of aluminum and incorporates presence sensors, water, a vaporizer, strobe light, and sound.