EXOBIOMES is the title of the solo exhibition for Alalimón Art Gallery (Barcelona).

The exhibition project’s conceptual framework revolves around the idea of constructing a synthetic nature, visually appealing yet unreal. Each piece, serves as an aesthetic and tangible representation of a concept or natural process. These concepts are inherently enigmatic to our senses, highlighting our biological limitations as a species.

Using contemporary technological tools and available data, we engage in speculation and fantasy through artistic practice to imagine and craft new landscapes or alternative biomes from those we are familiar with.

These fictional territories become the ideal setting to perceive and normalize a landscape as natural when, in fact, it is not.

Galería Alalimón Barcelona
From 15.012.22 to 25.02.23

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Concept / Design / Production: Ángeles Angulo & Román Torre
Antonio Navarro Wikjmark | Rotor Studio

1. Flowers and antennas | Central lighting installation driven by generative graphics inspired by a Wilson camera which are displayed on a 50′ screen + Series of 11 photographs A4 on glossy paper.
Antonio Navarro Wikjmark | Rotor Studio
2. A thousand forests | Photographic montages with photos of various localitations of Asturian forests and photos generated by AI with the same description as the original photo.

15 Photographs (300×165 mm) on aluminum.
3. The Elements | Modular sculpture system (40x40x40mm) with magnets. Various materials (concrete, resin, jesmonite, 3D printing)
3. Exobiomes | 5 photographs (600×330 mm) of sculptures depicting topographies of planets in our galaxy (Ceres, Mars, etc.) with natural elements such as lichen, moss, sand, and more..
4. INTRA | Kinetic sculpture made of various materials (concrete, wood, methacrylate with various electronic components and a microscope that emulates a moving view of new and fantastic landscapes on a little screen.