The world is forest, is a large-format immersive installation created for the Project Room of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. This proposal invites visitors to immerse themselves in an unknown biome, in a fantastic world.

We imagine an extra-planetary civilization that, inspired by the Asturian forests, tries to recreate them from a distance through the data at its disposal. The lack of environmental and biological conditions that make the Earth, and especially its forests, unique ecosystems difficult to imitate, confronts them with an extraordinary challenge.

LABoral centro de arte y creación industrial, Gijón/Xixón
From 2.7.22 to 2.7.23

Etopia_ , Zaragoza
From 28.9.23 to 31.1.24

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Curator: Pablo de Soto

Concept / production / design : Román Torre and Ángeles Angulo
Sound Space: Diego Flórez
Marcos Morilla and Rotor Studio

The world is a forest is a production from:

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A sensory journey into the worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin.

“…But when they came here there had been nothing. Trees. A dark huddle and jumble and tangle of trees, endless, meaningless” »

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the book “The Word for World Is Forest” by Ursula K. Le Guin, a writer who revolutionised science fiction by means of literary hybridisation with other fields of knowledge.
Le Guin uses her fictional novels to address deep issues about human nature and our relationship with the planet, such as colonialism, feminism and gender identity, or ambiguous utopias about other possible forms of political and social organisation.
Like Le Guin’s books, The World is Forest invites surprise, exploration and curiosity; imagination and fantasy as ways to glimpse better realities from fictitious worlds.

What visitors say…

To enter the exhibition is to be immediately transported to another planet, to an unknown forest in the midst of a harmony of sounds and images as you walk through its thicket

Juan Álvarez visited with his family.

Multidisciplinary and fantastic atmosphere where, in record time, references to the ecosystem, anthropology, scientific approaches that awaken our responsibility towards the planet are activated.

Zuleiva Vivas Público

And so, the dream becomes reality and the possibility of the fictitious becomes tangible, sensitive, audible and palpable.

David Aguilar Diario Nortes

Some examples of the parallel activities we made


Reading sessions about our forests. Led by the philologist Mar Martín. With introduction by Rotor Studio.


Family workshop with a pedagogical approach that will make you imagine, create and discover new worlds. Designed and directed Lainopiaopia


We are committed to sustainable and healthy mobility: a short bike ride with the artists to the exhibition together with a guided tour.