To reflect on the trajectory of our species, our cultural, scientific, and technological environment, and its development throughout history, Ekumen Souvenirs comes to life. The proposal begins with a futuristic situation or scenario in which certain objects are discovered outside their context and time. In a manner reminiscent of a science fiction novel, we engage in speculation about their origin.

Inspired by the work of the writer Úrsula K. Leguin, specifically, the novels that allude to the Ekumen.

Antón Museum grant for sculpture works.

Centro de Escultura Anton Museum
From 16.7.21 to 19.9.21

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Concept / Design / Production: Ángeles Angulo & Román Torre
Rotor Studio

1. Approach Mision | This installation comprising three illuminated showcases made of acrylic, showcasing a collection of unique lightweight concrete pieces. These pieces undergo various processes, including acrylic paint treatment and 3D modeling depicting diverse topographies from our solar system. A control center automates the lighting effects across the entire installation.
2. For an agressive people only technology counts |
The piece consists of several elements: 3D printer, 50-inch screen, light painting technique software, laser-engraved lightweight on concrete sculptures.
3. Urras vs Anarres | Series of plate-shaped sculptures in various sizes and materials, including Jesmonite, lightweight concrete, various types of resin with different pigments and varnishes, 3D printing and several organic materials.
4. Frecuencies and rotations | A series of two kinetic paintings created using wood, acrylic paints, and varnish, incorporating electronic components. Additionally, a speculative kinetic object is featured, complete with a screen, spy camera, and other electronic elements.
5. Ansible | This speculative object is an artistic interpretation of the ‘ansible,’ a means of intergalactic communication depicted in the novels of the Ekumen series. It consists of a secure protective case, electronic components, motors, dark mirrored acrylic, and a set of three screens