Next Nature is an interactive installation that proposes a synthetic-digital space of natural inspiration. It is a cascade of water projected on a large facade and a real and continuous water fall that happens in the same square. Within this space, where water is the driving element, the visitor is invited to interact with their own body with the landscape proposed in calm. This recreation of a false natural place aims to create stimuli close to the real nature itself, opening a space for reflection and tranquility within the frenetic activity of life in the city.

LLumBCN 2019 – Barcelona (Spain).

From 2.02.19 to 4.02.19

NBO 2019 – Oviedo (Spain).

Encesa de llums 2019 – Palma de Mallorca (Spain).
From 28.11.19 to 29.11.19

LichtFestival 2021 – Gent (Belgium)
From 8.11.21 to 11.11.21

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Concept, production, design, programing : Ángeles Angulo y Román Torre
Sound enviroment: Edu Comelles
Technical production: Andrés Costa, Jorge Cañón , Jose Román Torre, Daniel Torre
Antonio Navarro Wijkmark, Rotor Studio