The Zone is an art and research project centred on the landscapes of a damaged planet, an epoch named Anthropocene or Capitalocene. It takes its name from a real physical space, the area evacuated as a consequence of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. But the Zone is also metaphor that constructs the mythology of the present, warning us against dreams of technological progress turned into nightmares.

The Zone is the winning project in the 6th DKV – Álvarez Margaride Production grant, organised by LABoral Centro de Arte in conjunction with the DKV insurance company, and it was produced during a residency at Plataforma 0, LABoral’s production centre.

From 22.6.18 to 21.10.18

Available for sale or exhibition

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Concept: Pablo de Soto & Romnán Torre.
Software & interactive tech: Román Torre.
Graphic design: María Muñiz.
Production: Patricia Villanueva & María Romualde (LABoral).
Audiovisual production: Pelayo Light Expo (LABoral).
Fablab: Carlos Luque (LABoral).
Marcos Morilla, Rotor Studio