A U T O V E C T O R is an audiovisual installation composed of two groups of sculptural and audiovisual audiovisual objects. Through organic and inorganic compounds such as oil and glass and supported at all times by digital devices. The installation detect if you are observing the whole and modify the images with different light / sound intensities, increasing and decreasing their scale, taking advantage of the density or the translucency of the oil. For give you the opportunity observing how the distortion of the light crosses the cristal objects with the primary intention of putting emphasis on the minimum.

A U T O V E C T O R is a proposal inspired by the theories surrounding particle physics and some of the phenomena described in quantum mechanics. With a total artistic license and a humble approach in front of this powerful metaphors, i went trying to create a visual and spatial narrative from the architectural integration of the piece to the minimun organic scale of some food products of the zone.

Eufonic festival, located in the Hermitage of Vinaròs (Mare de deu)
From 2.9.17 to 11.9.17

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Concept, sound, productión: Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo

Rotor Studio

Format: Audiovisual installation with stands and glass objects. Two sets and four screens modified by facial recognition system.