With the aim of reflecting on our drift as a species, the cultural, scientific, technological environment and its development through our own history, Ekumen Souvenirs was born. The proposal starts from a future situation and/or scenario where some objects are found outside their context and time, and as if it were a science fiction novel we speculate about their origin.

Inspired by the work of the writer Úrsula K. Leguin.

Different formats and mix of materials -paint, epoxy resins and micro-concrete made with molds from topographic data of various planets of the solar system.

Some of these sculptural pieces have electronic components with various functions.

Design, hardware, software and production: Román Torre & Ángeles Angulo.
Winning project of 28th Antón Grant of sculptural creation.

Centro escutórico Museo Antón.

Ekumen Souvenirs received the sculpture grant by Centro de Escultura Anton Museum, Candás.