Estoy que 🥲 con esto de @cristinagoberna y co porque nombra a @rotorstudio en un marco de optimismo y propuestas que son amor. Sí amiguines, claro que hay hope, solo que nos toca construirlo 🛖. ¿Quién si no? 😘

Día de mantenimiento en #Athse, el planeta de el #elmundoesbosque. Estaba por momentos muy concurrido 🌲❤️

Hoy toco visita al @TecnoCampus y charla sobre nuestro trabajo en @rotorstudio para alumno/as del máster de medios audiovisuales ✌️😁

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We like to get involved in activities related to our work that help us to share and expand knowledge and experiences with other people also interested in subjects related to art, science and technology.

We participate in courses, talks, workshops and other proposals open to the public organized by ourselves or by other organizations or groups.

We can also help you with your project, if you need it.
You can contact with us here


We can advise you and develop part of your artistic or cultural projects that you have in mind or already in production and in which you need to use any type of technological or audiovisual component. We have experience in producing and executing all kinds of projects, from interactive installations, videomapings, etc. to specific hardware or software for audiovisual devices within an exhibition.

In our studio, we have machinery to design prototypes, develop “turnkey” projects or simply implement that part of your project in which you need more specialized knowledge and / or some type of digital manufacturing.