Ángeles Angulo and Román Torre form Rotor Studio. The union of his experience in various fields such as the performing arts, plastic arts mixed with a strong technological component, gives rise to artistic proposals that try to make visible and reflect on different contemporary aspects of our technology / science / society.

His work is based on the creation of physical devices halfway between digital crafts, industrial design and audiovisual experience, giving rise to this hybridization of techniques to very diverse formats that start from common places.

#architecture, #science, #art #nature, #climatic_emergence #geometries, #digital_privacy # science_fiction are some of the key words behind the projects developed in Rotor Studio.


El mundo de es bosque – El mundu ye viesca
| LABoral centro de arte, Gijón.




Motores del clima | LABoral centro de arte, Gijón.
No human in the loop | Centro de arte Caja Burgos, Burgos
El mundo de es bosque | Etopia, Zaragoza.
Mil bosques | Lluminic Festival, Sant Cugat del Vallés
Faros mediambientales | Hibridalab, Vitoria
El mundo de es bosqueEl mundu ye viesca| LABoral centro de arte, Gijón.
Exobiomas |Alalimón Gallery, Barcelona

Exobiomas |Alalimón Gallery, Barcelona
Studio Rotor | Art+ UPV, Bilbao.
El mundo de es bosque – El mundu ye viesca | LABoral centro de arte, Gijón.
Noche Blanca Oviedo| Oviedo, Spain
PULSØ-Ø – Sala Display – Universitat Jaume I | Castellón, Spain.
Última Oportunidad – CTRL ALT PLAY | Etopia, Zaragoza, Spain.

Ultima Oportunidad  – Climate Replay – CCCC | Valencia, Spain.
Scala Naturae – Museo Barjola | Gijón, Spain
Next Nature
 – Licht Festival | Gent, Belgium.
Ultima Oportunidad  – Planeta Debug | Castellón, Spain.
Ekumen Souvenirs – Museo Antón | Candás, Spain.

Next Nature – Encesa de Llums | Mallorca, Spain.
Flores y Antenas – Noche Blanca | Oviedo, Spain.

Next Nature – Noche Blanca | Oviedo, Spain
Next Nature – LLumBcn  | Barcelona, Spain


The world is forest, en Ctxt

The world is forest, en Nortes
The world is forest, en DXIMagazine
PULSØ_Ø, en Neo2

Ultima Oportunidad  in EuropaPress
Ultima Oportunidad  in Noticies digitales
Scale Naturae in LNE
Scale Naturae in
El Comercio Digital
Ekumen Souvenirs in Pieces | RTPA

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