PulsØ-Ø is a large-scale light installation designed to operate as an ultra-low-resolution screen (25×3 pixels). This resolution is adequate for enhancing artificial vision processes that would otherwise be challenging to discern on a human scale

These light pixels are activated based on the binary coding of predictions derived from various open-access sources worldwide. Specific parameters, including the frequency at which these encodings traverse the screen and the sound emitted when pixels toggle on and off, dictate the speed at which objects or entities detected in the image move.

PulsØ-Ø is part of a series of works by Rotor Studio exploring the role of the human being in a world that we may not fully comprehend, despite being its creators.

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From 29.5.22 to 23.10.22

Available for sale or exhibition

Curator: Maya-Marja Jankovic
Concept, production, design: Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo.
Maya-Marja Jankovic / RotorStudio