Deep Resonance is an audiovisual performance created and developed by pianist Lluïsa Espigolé, sound artist Edu Comelles, and digital artist Román Torre. The project is a collaborative effort among these three creative minds based in Barcelona, Spain.
The live performance seamlessly blends electronics, a prepared grand piano, and a screen, creating a dialogue between the visual aspects of the piece and the sonorous, resonant world of electromagnetic fields and their impact on the piano.

This live performance is inspired by the current observation of our universe and how the scientific community reinterprets this data. Additionally, the piece aims to shape the idea of the universe by attempting to comprehend its complexity through an audiovisual narrative. Beyond studying how the universe is, Deep Resonance aims to recover the cultural background behind the concept of deep space. Apart from conceptual considerations, Deep Resonance offers an immersive audiovisual experience where the combined talents of its members intertwine, creating constantly evolving soundscapes and a fascinating generative window into a horizon of events.

IED, Madrid

Sonar 18, Barcelona

Not available

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Prepared piano: Lluïsa Espigolé.
Visuals / Screen Display: Román Torre
Sound composición / Live Electronics: Edu Comelles

Rotor Studio