With this piece / prototype, i’m digitally reconstruct the memories of a summer (2012) working in Tokyo via data retained by a sports tracking application.

The main idea starts from the theory of the reconstructed memory , a involuntary distortion of the perspective that sometimes we doing when we try to recover our memories and on many occasions we add parameters that do not correspond exactly to the reality of the moment.

The software read the GPS coordinates and other data and reinterprets the vision of one of the tours through the geopositioned images API service GoogleMaps, changing the view on every trip and offering views of the same very different path but located in the same position as the memories stored in his head.

Remote Signals – Iberofest festival, Tallin, Estonia.
From 14.3.2016 to 20.3.2016

Not available.

Dossier PDF

Software & production: Román Torre
Curated by Pau Waelder

Rotor Studio