Body Mutations is an interactive piece, a Sci-Fi dispositive that leads us through a short story based on science fiction: the human race is threatened by an invisible virus. Nobody knows about this virus and government authority force population to do a corporal scanner test by temporary dispositives placed around the cities and villages. The positive or negative result is archived and sent to Twitter as a small gif.

Festival Fenomens
From 1.10.15 to 3.11.15

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Concept, design & tech production: Román Torre
Software: Felipe L.Navarro & Román Torre
Hardware: Román Torre & Cristina Tévar
Production assistance: Cristina Tévar

Antonio Navarro Wijkmark / Rotor Studio

Format: Object – Video installation with scanner system in 360º in a dark or low light room.
Installation size (aprox). 4m x 2m x 1m. Duration: On loop.