PulsØ-Ø is a large-format light installation that functions as a very low resolution screen (25×3 pixels), sufficient to be able to augment artificial vision processes that would be very difficult to observe on our human scale.

Its light pixels are activated under the constant binary coding of the predictions that the system itself obtains from various open access sources located in different parts of the globe. Some parameters, such as the frequency at which these encodings pass through the screen, the sound these pixels produce when they are switched on and off, determine the speed at which the objects or entities detected in the image move.

PulsØ-Ø is part of a series of work by Rotor Studio on the human role in a world that we do not necessarily understand, even though we have created it ourselves.


Light installation, big size. 75 leds units 60x60cm, computer, electronic devices, AI algorithm.

Curated by: Maya-Marja Jankovic
Concept / production / design  : Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo.
Photo – Video: Maya-Marja Jankovic / RotorStudio

From 4th may to 23th October in Castelló. Jaume I university (UJI)