We have a work space to develop projects, placing special emphasis on those that have an artistic and / or experimental aspects that require a period of research. We understand RotorFab as a space to share, in addition to the workshop and the machines, also resources and personal and professional knowledge to foster among us creative and learning synergies.

Main machinery available:

BCN3D Sigma, BCN Technologies / File format: .stl
Prusa i3 (para trabajos de boceto) / File format: .stl
Cortadora láser 100w: Working surface 120cm x 90cm suitable for engraving and cutting/ File format: .dxf, .ai, .eps
Excarve. CNC 1m x 1m* (Coming soon)

In addition, we have computers with the necessary software already installed to be able to use the machines, workbench for electronics and other more conventional tools.

We can offer you an advice so that you can get to realize your own projects and we will try to help you within our possibilities. First of all, you should check the availability of schedules and explain in detail your needs.

You can also send us your order, in which case, we will take care of carrying out the work under agreement. Feel free to ask our rates and availability.

Tell us what you need: rotorfab@rotor-studio.net: rotorfab@rotor-studio.net