Fabricación digital para proyectos creativos.
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Obturador DMX

Fabricamos obturadores DMX, compatibles con la mayoría de las lentes.
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Interactive productions

Next nature is a interactive show that allow you to get into a mysterious waterfall.

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Creatividad digital

Ponemos en contacto a creadores con gente interesada en aprender sus técnicas.

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Development of creative projects with a high technological component for artistic or commercial purposes


Digital frabrication workshop for your artistic projects


Learning space and knowledge exchange on all kinds of digital creation tools

About us

Rotor Studio is the name under which Román Torre, Ángeles Angulo and collaborators, work in the research and development of artistic or commercial proposals around the digital culture.

From our studio located in Gijón / Xixón, we develop all kinds of proposals related to digital creativity in which the visual aspect, technology and interactivity take on a special role.

We also have the skills to advise or help you with all part of your creative projects with a high technological components.Our previous experience covers different areas and scales: from shows and large-format exhibition spaces, to the development of audiovisual installations or small-format interactive prototypes.